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One of Australia’s most interesting Antique Shops, founded in 1958.

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The Moorabool Antiques Story

Since its founding in 1958 by John Rosenberg, Moorabool Antiques has been dedicated to offering the finest selection of antiques, each piece with its own unique history and character. Today it is a family business run by the next generation, Paul & Glenys Rosenberg.
Housed in a historic building in the heart of Geelong, we pride ourselves on our expert curation and the unparalleled quality of our large stock.

What Our Customers Say

‘The collection at Moorabool Antiques is simply breathtaking. Each piece tells a story of history and elegance. Their service is as impeccable as their antiques.’

James McAllister

‘I found a rare 18th-century vase at Moorabool that I had been searching for years. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful throughout.’

Eleanor Briggs

‘Visiting Moorabool Antiques is always a delight. The quality and authenticity of their pieces are unmatched. Highly recommend to any antique lover!’

Martin Chen

‘The attention to detail in every interaction is what sets Moorabool apart. From purchase to delivery, everything is handled with care and expertise.’

Sophia Tarleton

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to   0494 129 983 

Simply take a photo or two on your smartphone and text them to us. 

We'll be able to assess your items and reply with a suggestion of price. Some items are suitable for Retail sale, others for Auction.

Please include photos of any signatures, hallmarks, and the bases of ceramic items.

COLLECTIONS: we are able to process collections of Art & Antiques, please contact us with any documentation, or general photos.

LOOKING FOR: we are after earlier items in all categories, no reproductions or items made in the post-1950 period.

NOT INTERESTED: items we do not handle include firearms, electronic goods, post-1950 items.